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Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day Thanks or Happiness is . . . chocolate mousse!

Just want to give a big shout out to our ECMS Student Council and sponsors, Ms. Holub and Ms. VandeWater.  Thanks for all you did to make our Valentine's Day luncheon a success.  The cafeteria was beautifully decorated with hearts and flowers!  Ms. Burke's art students made old fashioned Valentines that were personalized.  Ms. Maleski, our curriculum and technology guru, made a lovely playlist of appropriately themed music.  Thanks to our custodial staff for doing a lot of extra work to keep us going that day.

A special merci goes to Mr. Claude Chatelain, of Sodexo, who cooked the finest $3.00 French meal I've ever tasted!  It was delicious.  Even one of our fabulous grandparents who is a retired university professor of French thought it was quite a deal. Our cafeteria served so many meals!  I'm so happy that many of our students tried our French fare.  At the end, the mousse au chocolat was sold a la carte for $1.  Did you know that the grated carrot salad was made by hand with a grater that Mr. Chatelain's mom sent him from France?

I met so many wonderful parents and grandparents.  I must say that the 6th grade won the hospitality award for highest number of parents to attend.  Thanks to all of our students who sat with your parents and made them feel welcome and honored for Valentine's Day.  Even though it rained and hailed, we dined together in honor of love for family.  Our staff signed hundreds of Valentines so that every student would get a Valentine.

An added bonus to our day:  our ECMS Student Council raised over $600 selling roses to fund our Eagle Bells art project that Ms. Burke and her art students are spearheading to promote tolerance, kindness and Eagle pride.

Let's remember the love of V-Day throughout the year.  We will do this again next year, by popular request.  Thanks to all of our wonderful staff who helped us by doing duty during lunch to ensure that everything went smoothly.

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