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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why we are grateful for tax credit donations here at ECMS . . . .

We are grateful for your Arizona tax credit contributions to ECMS because our after school programs provide such amazing opportunities for our students!

Ten Reasons we are grateful for your Arizona Tax Credit contributions:

1.  Benefits to students at ECMS:  study hall after school with Ms. Tharp, Ms. Hoke and Ms. VandeWater.
2.  Science Olympiad (sponsors:  Mr. Nick Glabicky and Mr. Jeff Virkus)!
3.  Our 2012 musical Beauty and the Beast, directed by Ms. Julia Higgins and starring our wonderful students! Improv with Mr. Jeff Virkus!
4.  IPADs for student use in our after school programs!
5.  Sports programs and the best Eagle basketball and soccer season in a long time!  Go Eagles!
6.  Odyssey of the Mind Competition (sponsor: Ms. Annie Holub)!
7.  Future Problem Solvers (sponsor:  Jason Grobe, NBCT)!
8.  Students spending time after school doing enriching activities with wonderful teachers, coaches, and community members who are great role models for young people!
9.  Jazz band with Mr. Cory Walavich! Yearbook with Ms. Pat Burrows and Ms. Julie Rombach!
10.  Ms. Dawn Henderson and Mr. Bill Dennis and their wonderful leadership in our Community Schools program at ECMS!  These two wonderful staff members make ECMS a safe place and nurturing place for students after school hours.

To donate online, visit our district website at, then click on the TAX CREDIT link on the homepage!

To register for Community Schools classes go to schools, click on Esperero Canyon Middle School or call 209-7551 or email to request your ID # and pass code.

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