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Friday, October 26, 2012

Inspiration from Mrs. Rosenthal and My Students

  It's been a busy week.  Orange Grove principal Susan Rosenthal and I presented our joint report on the Middle School Strategic Plan on Tuesday at the governing board meeting.  I am so grateful that I am on the same team with such a supportive and talented colleague.  We are forging strong links between ECMS and OG.   We are alike but different as middle schools, having our own particular needs but yet wanting the same high quality education for students.  Here's a shout out to Mrs. Rosenthal . . . and to our sister school, Orange Grove Middle School.  We love OG!!

    Inspiration also came from 6th grader Aidan Danielski, who came looking for his ride after Science Olympiad practice today.  Aidan waited in my office just in time to join me for tea (at a little after 4)  "What's wrong?" asked Aidan.  "You just sighed. Why?"

   I stated that it was Friday and that I had a lot going on in the next few days.  "Just be in the present, Ms. Setliff." (Honestly, those were his exact words).   His kind notice of my sigh and his wise counsel have resonated with me all afternoon. The truth is that sometimes my best advice comes from students.  Aidan, thanks . . . you made my day today.  You said exactly what I needed to hear!

   It's time to post and go home for the evening.

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