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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Deserts, Monsoons, Storm Safety

  A good drink of water can be a lifesaver in a desert.  When torrential rains course through the desert's unofficial highways, it trails and washes, they do so with a ferocity that only nature can produce.  We feel safe here because Tucson is our home. It is a beautiful place to live and to raise a family. All it takes is more rain than usual, and we are reminded that we are mere guests of the Sonoran Desert.

   As always, here at ECMS, student safety is our primary concern.  This is especially true during monsoon season.  As many of you know, our Site Council has spent a lot of time developing our emergency plan at Esperero.  We want to be prepared for any situation. We are not alone in our mission.  We are part of a larger district team and we are so grateful for all of their support.  Thanks to the wonderful, hard working members of our district facilities team, who arrived around 7 pm last night and strategically placed heavy sandbags in areas of our campus that could potentially flood.  They worked late into the evening to ensure the safety of students.  A special thanks to Mr. Doug Huie, CFSD District Director of Facilities, for being onsite and making sure ECMS is ready for any storm.

   And, speaking of safety, during monsoon season,  it is a good time to remind students about storm safety. Here is my storm safety tip of the day:

  Keep children away from running water.  Though many children (and young people) love to play in puddles after storms, Rural/Metro advises keeping them away from storm drains, washes, and creeks due to rushing water and the potential for danger.  Moving water as little as one or two feet deep will carry away most vehicles and 6 inches of moving water can knock a person off his feet. 

The advice from our Rural Metro Fire Department is: WHEN IN DOUBT, WAIT IT OUT!! 

Stay safe, Eagles.

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