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Thursday, March 14, 2013

AZ Attorney General's Office Cyberbullying Workshop


10 Reasons Why Parents Should Attend the Presentation on Bullying by the Arizona Attorney General's Office

1.  Learn about the law and cyber-bullying.  
2.  Discover ways you can keep your child safe when using Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
3.  Hear about how privacy settings can protect your child.
4.  Learn about how text messages and emails can be traced back to the original sender.
5.  Do you know to whom your child is talking on the internet?
6.  Do you know how cyber-predators can get to your front door in minutes?
7.  Do you know how to report abuse on the internet?
8.  Someone sends your child an inappropriate picture or text on the internet  . . . do you know what to do?
9. What is the one thing that kids should never give to strangers on the internet?
10.  Do you know if your child has ever been asked for personal information on the internet by someone he/she does not know?  

Arizona Attorney General's  Office CYBERBULLYING WORKSHOP

Where:  ECMS, in the library
When:  Thursday. March 21
Time:  6-7pm

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