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Monday, December 31, 2012


I am grateful for:

1.  ECMS students . . . because you are amazingly charming, funny, intelligent, hard-working, and kind.
2.  ECMS teachers . . . because you are skillful, caring, demanding, inspiring and simply a great group of  professionals.
3.  Mrs. Castro, our Dean of Students, because of her dazzling skill set, work ethic, and wry sense of humor.
4.  Mrs. Johnson, principal's secretary, for her infinite patience when I cannot get logged into Munis (and countless other examples).  Thanks for helping me change my password at least 5 times and for always being glad to see me in the morning.
5.    ECMS counselors...  Thanks to Mrs. Bromiel and Mrs. Altman for having huge hearts for kids and  for going to great lengths to help them be successful. Thanks for building morale at every opportunity and for sustaining our ECMS family with your kindness and encouragement.  You both make the day brighter. 
6.  The ECMS FFO--- from registration to the Family Fall Dinner and Concert to the magazine drive to the Book Fair to our Honeybaked Holiday sale . . . you are awesome, one and all!  Long live the triumvirate of Cathy Rosen, Kris Johnson, and Lalita Hadley. Loved the framed picture, ladies!  Jeannine Pudwill, thanks for putting on a rocking Book Fair.  Janna Alexander, I appreciate all you do to organize the healthiest and best lunches around!
7.  Rachel Maleski, CTI, for always accommodating my every techno whim and for helping to empower kids  and teachers through proper use of technology.
8.  Our Special Education Team (Ms. Migler, Ms. Janes, Ms. Owens and our team of extraordinary educational assistants) . . . you teach and support our students with the greatest needs.  Thanks for all of your hard work in helping us learn how to accommodate and differentiate so that all students can move forward.
9.  Mrs. Weyand, Spanish and ELL teacher.  Mrs. Weyand started supporting our English Language learners last year and I want to commend her for doing such a fine job as a teacher and an advocate for language learners.
10. The parents of students here at Esperero . . . thank you for your trust.  We have truly exemplary parents who inspire us to do our very best every day!

Our goal is to make every family here at ECMS feel valued and know that we care.  We want each and every one of our students to feel very special and empowered.  Kids deserve our very best.  Please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone 209-8100, if you have any concerns or questions about anything related to our school.

Happy New Year to all of our dear students and their families1 Happy New Year to my faculty and staff! May many blessings come your way!

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