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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Talking About the Workplace with Kids

A student suggested that I write about what I do during the school day.  I think it's so important that kids know what adults do in the workplace.  I encourage parents to share details of their work day with their children. Middle school is a good time to start talking to our kids about the actual work we do in order to provide them with a nice life.  In five years, our 8th graders will be going to college (yikes)!

10 Things the Principal of Esperero Does

1.  My mornings begin with bus duty and the announcements.  Student Council members and others join me for the announcements in my office.

2.  I read and answer my emails and phone calls.  

3.  I spend time in classrooms . . . the more, the better.

4.  I meet weekly with our counselors and ISS coordinator and various teacher groups (special education team, data teams, grade level teams). I also meet with parents. 

6.  I meet with students in my office. :) 

7.  We plan our Wednesday Professional Development meetings for teachers (with Ms. Castro and our PD committee).

8.  I write teacher evaluations, reports, the principal blog and newsletter. I write best in the wee hours of the morning.  I try to read as much as possible.

9.  I supervise student activities (mornings, lunches, afternoons and throughout the day).

10.  I provide and receive feedback. 

Students ask whether we work on the weekends here at Esperero.  Honestly, my week goes better if I work 1/2 day on the weekend, simply because I can work uninterrupted. The Marshall  Report recently described the job of principal as "the job of interruptions." During the week, it's absolutely true.  I am rarely alone on the weekends; teachers are often here, too, working in their classrooms.  

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